Terms & Conditions

  1. The 2018 Xerox Corporate Golf Challenge (herein referenced 2018 XCGC) is a corporate golf series consisting of 4 Qualifying Rounds and a 1-day Grand Final.
  2. The 2018 XCGC Grand Final will take place at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai, UAE.
  3. The 2018 XCGC is open to teams of two (2) golfers per team, either male or female, who hold an official handicap and whom are both either fully employed or are business owners.
  4. The individuals making up a team can be from separate companies.
  5. In the case of over-subscription within a Qualifying Round, teams that do not fulfill the criteria of Clause 3, will be placed on a waiting list and teams that fulfil the criteria will be prioritised.
  6. Teams that particpate in a Qualifying Round and whom do not meet the criteria laid out in Clause 3, cannot qualify for the Grand Final or win prizes for the main placings (1st - 3rd).
  7. Each team may enter multiple times without restriction, in attempting to qualify for the Grand Final.
  8. Decisions related to handicap regulations are not time bound and can be enforced after the close of the event and following the official posting of the final scores on the official website (www.xeroxcgc.com).
  9. Players that have had their handicap suspended in the last 5 years (from 1st January 2013) by their country's Golf Federation or their Home Club, for matters relating to handicap misuse, mis-administration etc, are not eligible to particpate in the 2018 XCGC.
  10. The decision of the Tournament Director is final.
  11. Format: Two Person Betterball Strokeplay.
  12. Handicap Allowance:  Full Handicap Index.
  13. Maximum Handicaps:  Men - 28 / Ladies - 36.
  14. No. of holes per Qualifying Round:  18 holes
  15. No. of holes per Grand Final:  18 holes
  16. By Registering for the Xerox Corporate Golf Challenge you herby give consent to receive marketing and promotional material from only official Xerox Corporate Golf Challenge sponsors and partners. To opt out of this, please contact comms@onside-sports.com
  17. 5 Teams from each Qualifying Round within the UAE will qualify for the Grand Final 
  18. Teams cannot substitute other players in the Grand Final.  Only those players that originally qualified are permitted to play.  In the event of one player from a team not being able to attend the Grand Final, then the team can still particpate but can only be represented by one player.
  19. Teams consisting of Sponsor's employees or officials cannot win a main prize (1st - 3rd) in a Qualifying Round, qualify for the Grand Final or win the Grand Prize.  Sponsors teams that consist of their clients/guests can participate and win the same as any other team.
  20. The winning team at the Grand Final will win the Grand Prize.
  21. The Grand Prize is as stipulated on the Grand Prize webpage on the official XCGC website (www.xeroxcgc.com)
  22. All entries must be made online via www.xeroxcgc.com
  23. Entries for each Qualifying Round will be opened up to 3 weeks before the event date.
  24. All enquiries related to entry or qualification criteria are to be directed to: -

Lucas Britt

Tournament Director - 2018 Xerox Corporate Golf Challenge
Email: lbritt@onside-sports.com
Phone: +971 4 435 7310

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